Ice Rink Photography Terms & Conditions

Official Ice Rink Photographers
We’ve been invited by the organisers of Cork On Ice, Ice Skating Blanchardstown and Ice Skating Waterford to capture photographs of skaters and visitors throughout the events and make them available for purchase as physical prints and personalised gift items at our photo kiosk onsite. Our goal is to help enhance the experience of visitors to the ice rinks by offering captured cherished moments for them to enjoy long after the event has ended.

Our On-Site Photography Process
Our photographers capture photographs of skaters and visitors on and off the ice rinks. These photographs are then transmitted back to our photo kiosk, via WiFi, where we process and display them on our display screens. The photos on our display screen will have a numbering system overlaid to make it easier for customers to identify their photo when purchasing. We then print your photos upon purchase.

Photos are securely stored on-site at our photo kiosk using “Advanced Encryption Standard” encryption with strong passwords.

Who Has Access to Our Photos
Photos will be publicly viewable to all visitors of the event via our photo kiosk display screens on-site. Only AlphaPix staff have access to the photos we capture and will only print them to complete purchases. Misprints are securely shredded.

Photo Sharing
We do not upload or share online any photos that we capture at the ice rinks unless we are requested to do so and we have written consent from all data subjects involved.

How Long We Retain Captured Photos
All captured and processed photos are permanently deleted from our systems within 48 hours from the time they were captured.

Flash Photography
Please beware that we use flash photography throughout the event. However, the ice rink organisers may host sensory friendly skating sessions from time to time. We work closely with the organisers and carers to try and accommodate the needs of photo-sensitive individuals and groups wherever possible. You can find out more about the availability of these sensory friendly sessions at

Location of our photo kiosks onsite
We are typically positioned close to the ice rinks and on route as you exit from your skating session.

Uploading and Sharing Online
We do not upload or share your photos online. None of the photos captured by AlphaPix are uploaded or shared online. Our photos will only be displayed and made available for purchase at our photo kiosk on-site.

What if you don’t want your picture taken
If You Would Prefer to Not Be Photographed, Please Make Yourself Known to a Member of AlphaPix Staff on-site. However, while we make every effort to honour your request not to be photographed due to the nature of the event subjects may be accidentally photographed and displayed on our screens. We are happy to remove your photo from our system once it doesn’t infringing on the rights of others. If you do not wish to be photographed, please stay out of camera range. Your presence at these events will be deemed as consent to be photographed.

Photocopying of our photographs is not allowed
All photographs captured by us at the ice rinks are protected by copyright. We own the copyright to these photos and they may not be reproduced or appropriated in any manner without written permission from AlphaPix. However, additional copies can be purchased at the photo kiosk.

Taking photos of our Photography Display Screen is not allowed
Photographing of our display screens is expressly prohibited as this would be considered a violation of our copyright rights and may also be infringing on the rights of others. We reserve the right to stop individuals from trying to capture pictures of our screens with their phones or cameras and request that they delete any photos they have taken.

Who We Photograph
While we do strive to capture as many skaters as we can on the ice, and random shots throughout the event, it is not physically possible for us to guarantee we will capture every single skater or visitor. However, it’s up to each guest to make themselves known to our photographers to increase your chances of having your photo taken.

Photo Quality: Displayed v Printed
While we do our best to match what we print to what’s displayed on screen, we cannot guarantee that the appearance of the photos on the display screens will match exactly in colour & size when printed. This is due to various conditions that are out of our control, such as lighting, temperature changes etc. However, we concentrate on producing the best possible quality print available. We use industry standard professional cameras and event printers, which produce a brilliant, high-quality photo print every time. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchased print, we’d happy to try and rectify the photo or offer a full refund.

Other Third Party Photographers
AlphaPix Ltd will not be held responsible for any other photography carried out at the event by any third party. From time to time the organisers of the ice rinks may have other third party photographers onsite capturing pictures for marketing or promotional purposes as stated on their terms and conditions.

Changes to our ice rink photography terms
AlphaPix reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any part of this document without notice. It is your responsibility to check this document periodically for changes.

How to contact AlphaPix
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to talk to a member of our staff on-site, email us at or write to us at AlphaPix Ltd, Portauns, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick.